Grassroots solutions for social inclusions in the Baltic Sea Region

SIBREC - BEN is among partners in the project financed by Swedish Institute

RELEARN Suderbyn has received funding from Swedish Institute for a year-long seed project that aims to create a framework for grassroots initiatives and establish a multi-level governance network around social inclusion in the Baltic Sea Region. The ambition is to submit an application for a bigger project in the region.

Partnership consists of 7 actors from 5 countries around the Sea: 2 universities from Estonia and Lithuania - Tartu University and Mykolas Romeris University; Latvian Community Initiative Foundation; and 4 NGOs: Resource from Russia, Transition Järna and RELEARN from Sweden, and our network.

The project has 4 meetings-events in Riga, St Petersburg, Stockholm and Vilnius. BEN has 2 spots on these events for engaged ecovillage practicioners who are interested in the area of social inclusion and would like to start own projects or social enterprises.


For more information and to express interest for participation, please contact Maxim Vlasov